COVID-19 Update

Hotel Swagath, Bangalore score on key safety and hygiene parameters shared by Deloitte pursuant to the review was full 8 out of 8 points. Check out a few top hygiene parameters that we practice regularly.

Dear Guests,

The viral pandemic of COVID-19 is gripping the whole world and naturally, we feel insecure about the surrounding we live in. The safety and well-being of our guests are of paramount importance to Hotel Swagath, Bangalore. We are closely monitoring and accessing the situation in close collaboration with the local authorities as well as Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to identify potential threats, essentially keeping our guests out of trouble.

• Mandatory temperature checking - We check the temperature of all entering our premises with an infrared thermometer. Only people below the 100° F threshold are allowed.
• Sanitizers & Masks - To ensure the safety of our guests and the hygiene of their surrounding, we provide them with sanitisers and masks to keep themselves safe and secure.
• Contactless Check-in/check-out - We leave no stones unturned to ensure the safety of our guests. Contactless check-in and check-out enabled to prevent spreading via touch. 
• In-room Dining - Since public dining areas can be a causal factor of pathogen spreading, we have in-room dining options for comfortable and safe dining.
• Sanitization - To prevent any accidental spread of pathogens, we mandatorily sanitize all public areas and lifts every 3 hours.
• Social Distancing - We follow all government recommended measures in maintaining social distances.

100 % SAFE

• Our Staff are well trained in safety and cleanliness protocols.
• We provide masks and latex gloves for all our staff to ensure safety in common areas.
• We use hospital-grade sanitizers & cleaning material for maintaining stringent quality measures while housekeeping.
• Linen and Utensils are washed in 70°C Water and they are a 100% pathogen-free for your safe use.