About Bangalore

the building of Vidhana Soudha decked in white exterior with a garden laid in front of it
Glasshouse and fountain at lalbagh botanical garden at night

Bangalore, recently renamed as Bengaluru, is the state capital of Karnataka and is among the most popular modern cities in India. The fifth largest metropolis of India, Bangalore is famous for its beautiful parks, avenues, impressive buildings, heritage centers and excellent shopping hotspots. Bangalore is also a hub of the best eat-outs, pubs, and hotels.

Bangalore has evolved into an amalgam of modernization and development with a hint of its glorious history. The city has forts and palaces from the 16th century with splendid architecture observed at the time of some of the earliest dynasties in India. This is demonstrated in the ornately carved Islamic style arches on the gate walls and in the  luxurious palace of Tipu Sultan. The garden city also has several beautifully laid green spaces that  help you relax in the lap of nature.